Daily Menu

Friday, May the 17th of 2019


Sticky rice with rib and crispy ham
Mezclum salad with feta cheese and tomato jam
Seafood Cocktail
Pumpkin cream with cheese cloud
* Seafood stew (€ 4.50)

Main course:

Lamb chops à la Milanese
Scorpionfish fillet with clams
Grilled chicken with spices and jacket potato
Grilled croacker
* Grilled steak center
300gr. (surcharge € 5.00)


Day dessert,
Sherbet of the day,
Varied ice cream,
Fruit salad, homemade flan,
o Yogurt in the house

Bread and dessert included

Menu Price 12,95€ VAT included
Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela